High Utility, Rare Art NFTs for all you gamblers out there!

Gambling Chimps

Join this ultra-exclusive NFT project featuring not only authentic art, but unmatched utility!

Gambling Chimps is the first 100% community owned Casino Project.

Rarity & Specs

Gambling Chimps are a collection of ONLY 2,000 unique characters created from over 120 traits. Some traits are ultra-rare, occuring only once. All Gambling Chimps are custom-generated, registered on the Solana blockchain, and hosted on IFPS - meaning they can never be altered.

The Mint will take place in early June 2022 (the exact date will be announced shortly in our Discord). During this event you can mint your own Chimp at a cost of 4 SOL.



Coming May 2022
Own a Gambling Chimp and become a Casino Owner

After completing our minting event we will launch our casino with the first 6 of 21 games..

All owners of Gambling Chimp NFTs will receive a 100% share of all casino proceeds, with proceeds sent directly to the wallets holding Gambling Chimps.

Gambling Chimps owners are invited to exclusive casino events & tournaments that are closed to the public.

Meet the Team!
We Are Gambling Chimps
Big Boss Chimp
Chimp King
Lord Chimpanator
Gambling Chimps: High Utility NFTs

NFT owners will not only own authentic and unique art, but enjoy add-on utility that is unparalleled in today’s NFT space.

Become a Casino Owner
Our Casino is completely built already and will launch 10 day after mint!
Exclusive Betting Picks
Gambling Chimps NFT owners gain free access to weekly tips from tipsters with a proven track record of betting success (e.g. UFC, NFL, Football, NBA, Soccer)!
Gambling Chimps NFT owners are invited to meetups in Q4 of 2022 in Las Vegas in September and Miami in December.
Exclusive Merchandise
Gambling Chimps NFT owners can order exclusive merchandise showcasing their chimps.
Physical Collectibles
Gambling Chimps NFT owners exclusively will be able to get cool physical collectibles showcasing their chimps.
Weekly Competitions
We will host weekly competitions (Poker, Blackjack, Betting, Draftkings etc.) on Thursday night. Gambling Chimps NFT owners participate for free!
Questions? We got the answers!

The Gambling Chimps NFT project comprises a collection of 2,000 unique characters that combine authentic and rare art with unparalleled utility for Gambling Chimp owners. We want to build a community of people that love to gamble, have fun, party, and make money along the way!

Our release will be June 11, 2022 at Noon EST!

The mint event will be accessible through our official website only. During this event, you will be able to mint Gambling Chimps at a cost of 4 SOL. After this initial minting process, you can showcase and trade your Gambling Chimps on Solanart.

While we have worked with great artists to create authentic and unique pieces of art, we did not want to stop there. Instead, we wanted to double down on what we believe makes NFTs truly special: utility! Check out our roadmap to see for yourself. We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records of delivering on our roadmaps. Our focus over the last few months has been entirely on execution, and we will continue to be very public and transparent with regards to everything we do. Let’s grow this project together - we are uniquely positioned!

Headlined by experienced internet entrepreneurs from USA, our team also encompasses marquee NFT advisors, well-known artists, great designers, and experienced community managers and mods. Join our Discord to find out more!